Spring Green Omelette


This hearty omelette is bursting with sweetness of baby leeks and is the ultimate in comfort food with the rich, creamy omelette base. My hint- when you pour the eggs in, make sure you swirl the pan and give a nice thin layer so it goes nice and crispy on the edges. This makes it easier to fold in half, though don’t worry if it gets a little messy.


My favourite part about this simple, rustic meal is the sage- I think it makes the flavours absolutely amazing and brings this humble omelette to the next level. Best serve this with a cool glass of cranberry or apple juice to really make this meal sing.

This recipe is just for one omelette but can be easily adapted for as many as you need.


2 eggs

1tbs of pouring cream

knob of butter

small handful of baby spinach

1 baby leek

3 leaves of sage

Salt and pepper


Whisk 2 eggs and cream. Tear up sage into fine shreds and add to eggs. Put to one side. Finely chop baby leek. Fry over moderately high heat in about a tablespoon of butter until soft and slightly browned. Pour egg mixture into pan and swirl to cover the base of the pan. Tear up about half of the baby spinach and add to cooking omelette. Season with salt and pepper while cooking. Once the edges start to crisp, fold it in half. Leave it to cook for about another minute, turning the heat down so it doesn’t burn. Once it has cooked to your liking serve on a plate with the remaining baby spinach. Enjoy! 🙂



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