Notes from the Veggie Patch- Prepping the Vegetable Garden


Lately I’ve been spending some time doing the garden. I’ve been getting it ready for Summer, clearing out the weeds and ever encroaching grass, which strangely enough never grows in our lawns, only the garden beds. I love the fact that when I am growing my own food I am closer to the source and I know what is happening to the food as I grow it. I love the satisfaction of watching it grow from a vulnerable seedling to a full, strong adult plant. I love that it tastes better too!

First on the list are the essentials- basil, rocket and tomatoes. The basil and tomatoes will grow side by side as they are harmonious together. I’ll need to wait a while still, but I plan to add beetroot soon too, as it is one of my favourite things to cook with. garden2

My little brothers and sister chose silverbeet, radish and zucchini which will be interesting to grow. I am hoping to harvest some zucchini flowers as I haven’t cooked with them before. The radish should be ready in a month- that’s my sort of plant- no patience required! The silverbeet will be finding its way into my Spinach and Ricotta Mega Ravioli.

Meanwhile, I am nursing back to health a sick and sore Orpinton chook called Ruby. She has hurt her leg somehow, though we don’t know how yet. Our other three chooks are Beatrice (speckled), Zoe and Pie (both black). At the moment Beatrice and Pie are both clucky so we aren’t getting too many eggs at the moment. We are trying to encourage the girls out of their cluckiness but they are extremely stubborn. That’s it from me for now, I’ll keep you posted with more notes soon.


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