Butterscotch Milkshake

2015-02-16 16.08.52

My favourite treat for after school is this delicious butterscotch milkshake. Ok, so it’s a little bit more involved than your average milkshake, but you can make the sauce and keep it in the fridge making 2015-02-16 16.08.05it much easier for next time- if you can wait til next time and not drink it all in one go!

Creamy, rich and satisfying, everyone at my house loved it. Though come on, who doesn’t love butterscotch? Made with a homemade butterscotch sauce, you know exactly what goes into it. It’s a great recipe to get help from the younger kids with too.

This recipe can be easily adapted to make a deliciously rich hot butterscotch (instead of hot chocolate). Simply heat the milk over a medium heat and add the sauce. Stir and serve when it gets the desired temperature.

Butterscotch Sauce

2015-02-16 16.07.45Ingredients-

60g butter

150g brown sugar

180ml cream

2tsp vanilla

pinch of salt


Melt the butter in a saucepan over a medium heat. Whisk in brown sugar once butter is fully melted. Then add the cream and allow to bubble for 5 mins without stirring. Remove from the heat and add vanilla and salt. Set aside until cool if you are making milkshakes. Or keep warm to serve over ice-cream, pancakes or waffles, cakes or eat by the spoonful.

Butterscotch Milkshake


1/3 batch of butterscotch sauce

1 cup milk


Simply blend together in a milkshake maker or a blender till frothy and milkshakey.

2015-02-16 16.07.56


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