Earl Grey and Vanilla Cake and Savour Chocolate Cake

2014-11-07 19.44.33

I love cake. I mean I really love cake. And for me, one of my favourite parts of making cakes is the presentation. 2014-11-07 20.37.29Fondant cakes are cool, but they’re not really my sort of thing. I really prefer to use ingredients and things from the garden to decorate the cakes and make them look amazing as well as tasty. This pretty little cake used a basic vanilla cake as the base with a few tablespoons of earl grey tea mixed through. I then made a tonne of vanilla icing and mixed a bit more tea through that. The thing I really liked about this cake was that the tea wasn’t right up front when you cake a bite, but it was the last taste on your tongue. It is kind of like making a pot of tea in your mouth as the icing melts and infuses the tea. 2014-11-07 19.42.53

I am really lucky that we have a great food shop in town (A Tasty Surprise) that also sells flowers so they were able to help me pick out a few flowers that hadn’t used pesticides and were safe to use with the cake. I’ve seen other cakes with the flowers cascading down the side and really like that look, so was really happy when the flowers worked with this style. 2014-11-07 20.37.56 2014-11-07 20.37.37

The next cake I want to share with you is the rich, decadent Savour School Chocolate Cake-tomcake5

Unfortunately I can’t share the recipe with you, but I can tell you where I got it from- if you have a look at Savour School’s online classes here- http://www.savourschool.com.au/online-classes.aspx then you will find their Decadent Chocolate Cake recipe. It is incredibly rich, incredibly decadent as the name suggests and you will definitely go back for seconds. cake4

It is a gluten free cake, but not your average gluten free chocolate cake. This one uses almond paste, which makes it much more moist and rich…. and delicious! Thankfully Mum was curious (and probably hungry) so she bought me some. cake5

I kept the decorations simple with this one so the cake could stand out more. All I did was use a bit of the orange zest that was in the cake, fresh raspberries to give a contrast and chocolate shavings just to finish it off.

Voila! (And now I’m hungry.) cake6


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