2015-05-30 20.21.06

Well this post has taken me a while, but I’m finally here to tell you how awesome cronuts are! If you don’t know what cronuts are, they are a cross between a croissant and a donut. And they will make your heart stop. Literally. I’m not kidding. These babies are NOT good for you, buuuut….. so worth it for the taste!

2015-05-29 07.53.13

2015-05-30 15.32.56

To demonstrate how not-good-for-you they are to the left is the butter block that you need to add to the already butter-filled dough to make the cronut dough. But look on the bright side, you only live once!

Yup, that is also butter oozing out of the resting cronuts too.

2015-05-30 16.04.29  I followed the Dominique Ansel recipe which meant 3 days of hard labour, but it is the original recipe, so I didn’t want to try any of the cheat versions. Above is the nutellla raspberry cronut. This filling wasn’t included in his extensive recipe, but was pretty simple. Just warm nutella piped into the centre and then melted chocolate and crushed frozen raspberries on top.

2015-05-30 20.22.35

Next was the whipped lemon filling, icing and sugar that was included in the instructions. Mum said this was the best. I preferred the next one though which is….
2015-05-30 15.55.38

Apple Pecan Pie!!!!!!!!!! This one was made with a cinnamon pastry cream, stewed apples and crushed pecans. So much deliciousness!

2015-05-30 15.36.38-1As you can see, these are not for the faint hearted. Or the weak hearted. Or anyone with underlying health problems. But they taste sooooooo good! Plus they make you messy and make you pull weird faces in pure joy because they are just rings of crunchy, sweet, tasty, sugary, rich, buttery, layered goodness.


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