Secrets to the Best Fish and Chips

You can always head down to the local fish and chip shop and get greasy, heavy fish and chips, but if you want a lighter, crispier option, definitely have a try at making them yourself.

Here are my top 3 tips for delicious fish and chips, Boy Chef style!


1. Boil the potatoes first and get them just soft on the outside and then bake them to get a nice fluffy centre with an amazingly crispy outside.

tartare and chip
2. When making tartare sauce, it will always taste better if you make the mayonnaise yourself. Watching the chemical reaction between the egg yolks and the oil is worth it within itself. It goes from this runny, oily mess to thick, creamy mayo! But….. make sure you add the oil very, VERY slowly and don’t use olive oil, go for something milder like grape-seed oil. 


3. Make sure the oil is plenty hot before you put the fish in. This will give it a crispy outside and it will give a nice air pocket around the fish so that its nice and light and not heavy and soggy.


And that’s it! Other than that, check out the River Cottage Australia Book for a recipe for the tastiest batter 🙂


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